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Hush Puppies: Products & Services

Hush Puppies is a world-renowned brand offering contemporary footwear for men, women and children. For over fifty years, Hush Puppies have embodied the importance of relaxation and casual style, originally intended for young American families, through their lightweight, brushed-suede shoes. Among their quality products are:




As a blossoming company, Hush Puppies has ventured into creating non-footwear fashion items such as eyewear, plush toys and clothing. 

Hush Puppies: Company Background

Back in July 1, 1958, Hush Puppies was registered with a $50 lovely Basset Hound photo as a trademark. James Gaylord Muir, the brand’s first ever sales manager was the one who coined Hush Puppies. It originated one night while having catfish and fried corn fritters called “hush puppys” for dinner. It was said that the farmers threw these hush puppys to quiet the barking dog. During that time, “barking dogs” was a phrase that refers to tired and sore feet. The smart manager saw the connection, realizing that their pigskin shoes were very comfortable that they could also “quiet barking dogs”.

Canada was the first place where Hush Puppies became viral. Slowly, the worry-free shoe principle reached United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, Japan, South America, Central America and the Philippines. Overall, there are 365 Hush Puppies concept stores and 654 shop-in-shops in 136 countries around the globe. 

Hush Puppies: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Two out of three review sites have rated Hush Puppies products as an excellent footwear brand. The 74 customer product reviews from Macy’s has an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Meanwhile, the 13 customer reviews of the Hush Puppies Men’s Bridgeport Boot on averaged 4.7 out of 5. However, Hush Puppies garnered only 2 out of 5 stars on, basing on 19 reviews.

Here are some of the customers’ actual product testimonials.

"The Hush Puppie boot that I ordered was exactly what I wanted. It not only looks great, but they are very comfortable shoes. I have ordered quite a few pairs of shoes from Amazon, and have always been more than satisfied. I can never find what I want in shoe stores, but can always find what I'm looking for on Amazon." -- Steve Evans,

"I was very happy with the product with one exception and that was not a problem with the shoe as a problem with my foot. The seam around the toe area lands right on the toe joint on my right foot. The other shoes in this order are great and very comfortable. The service and shipping were great!" -- Mall Walker,

"With a size 11W foot, good shoes are extremely hard to find. These shoes are so exceptionally comfortable, durable and stylish. I love that I can wear them to the office yet they look awesome with jeans! I'm extremely hard on my shoes and five months later, these look like I just pulled them out of the box for the first time." -- GoPackGo,

Hush Puppies: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Though Hush Puppies isn’t BBB-accredited, it has gained popularity over the years through celebrities and its excellent quality.

A year after their operation on 1959, celebrities like Perry Como, Warren Beatty and the “Rat Pack” are using Hush Puppies. Their shoes also made casual appearances in the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

Royalties also were fans of Hush Puppies. In 1959, Prince Philip of Great Britain wore Hush Puppies shoes while visiting the United States. Two years after, the company presented a women’s line for Queen Elizabeth. Politicians were even fascinated by the fashion fad. Gerald Ford, future US President showed President Dwight Eisenhower a pair of golf shoes. A pair of Hush Puppies was believed to have insulated the Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards when he has by mistake touched an ungrounded microphone with his guitar. Hence, Hush Puppies saved the future of rock 'n roll. To know more of the Hush Puppies media exposure, scan their Timeline here.

In 1996, the company was named Best Accessory at the Council of Fashion Designers Awards Dinner. 

Hush Puppies: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

The Hush Puppies official website, which has been up in the internet for more than twelve years already, has a Google page rank of 4 out of 10. Its Alexa traffic rank is 113,452nd worldwide and 55, 117th in US traffic. Currently, there are 581 sites linking to it. Overall, 33% of the visitors come from the US.  The search engines can be credited for the 27% of Hush Puppies’ total web audience. The time spent by the visitors is approximately 4 minutes.

Hush Puppies: Social Media Presence

Hush Puppies is very visible on the internet. The facebook fan page, whose wall is usually painted with new shoe arrivals and laid back advertisement posters reached almost 20k likers. You can also join their 192 followers on twitter. To showcase their products more, they have established 12 boards on their Pinterest account. Currently, they have 106 followers there. For the latest promos, products and media mentions, you can head over to the Hush Puppies blog.

Hush Puppies: Website Security & Safety

The Hush Puppies official website is malicious-free for the last 90 days according to Google’s Diagnotstic page. This testing was done on the 52 pages of the site. Currently, the site is being hosted on 12 networks such as AS209 (QWEST), AS4436 (AS) and AS3257 (TISCALI). The site has found to be incapable of hosting malware. It doesn’t also seem that this site can act as an intermediary for the infection of any other sites.


Hush Puppies: Pricing & Packages

Generally, Hush Puppies shoes are cheaper than other suede or leather boots and shoes. With the Zero G technology and Dual Fit System integrated into Hush Puppies footwear, you get the best out of your money.

Here’s a sample price list of their selected products.

Hush Puppies Item


Misty (Suede/Leather Boots for Women)


Foxcroft (Black/Multicolor Boots for Girls)


Teya (Suede Pumps for Ladies)


Whip It Fisherman (Sandals for Men)

$105.00 (for sale at $59.99)

Carver (Seude/Leather Shoes for Men)


Hush Puppies: Shipping Rates & Policies

For the shipping rates for Hush Puppies, please refer to the tables below.

Here are the rates for the shipments within the Continental United States.

If shipping to Hawaii and Alaska, refer to this table.

Shipping rates to US Military Post Offices are as follows.

Orders placed between 10AM on Friday and 7AM on Monday EST will be processed during Monday morning. For standard ground, ordered items are delivered by Tuesday through Saturday. For two-day and an overnight, you can receive the package from Monday to Friday.

Note: View the source of these information here.

Hush Puppies: Payment Methods Accepted

Almost all of the branches of Hush Puppies only accepts debit and credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard. Credit cards aren’t charged until the placed order is accepted for shipping. It isn’t mandatory for you to pay an item that you have placed on your shopping cart. You can place as many items as you like and you can delete those that you don’t want anymore. To purchase the item, you have to click on the “Place Order” button. 

Hush Puppies: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Only UNWORN Hush Puppies items which are returned within 30 days from the purchase date are eligible for return. Return labels are included in the items in case of refund or exchange. For exchanges, there are no charges on using the exchange label. It is only during refund that the label exchanges are charged. Cost is $5.95 for a pair and $2.95 for an additional pair. If no return label is included in the merchandise, feel free to call 1-866-699-7365 for assistance.

The return or refund usually takes two weeks to be processed. For refunds, credit will appear on your account after two billing cycles.

If you have failed to return the item after the 30-day period, but withing 90 days of the purchase, you will be offered with a merchandise credit that you can use during the next visit. For more information, visit the Return/Refund FAQ here.

Hush Puppies: Product images & screenshots
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Get Receive Up To 35% Off Select Hush Puppies For Men & Women at Macys @ Hush Puppies
Get 14% off @ Hush Puppies